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Peace Studies Courses

HST 302: Envisioning Peace

HST 302: Women, War, and Peace

HST 302: Media, Social Justice, and Peace

HST 459: Gandhi and the Politics of Nonviolence

IAS 406/PHI 406: Moral Dilemmas

JUS 374: Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights

NEW 100: Introduction to Conflict Resolution

PAX 230: Introduction to Peace Studies

POS 368: Ethics and Human Rights

POS 480/SBS 480: Global Justice

REL 347: Religions of India: Peace and Conflict

REL 378: Religion, War, and Peace

REL 381: Religion and Moral Issues

SGS 341: Humanitarian Crisis and International Intervention

SOC 241: Modern Social Problems

WST 494: Race, Sexuality, & Social Justice Movements

Note:  All of the courses listed count toward the Certificate in Religion and Conflict.