The Peace Studies Initiative at the Center regularly hosts lectures, conferences and workshops on peace.

Peace Studies at ASU Events Annual Lecture Selma Leydesdorff

Annual lectures:

The Initiative’s annual, signature event, the Hardt-Nickachos Lecture in Peace Studies, invites distinguished scholars/practitioners to ASU in order to stimulate new thinking and conversations among faculty and students on intersecting dimensions of religion, conflict and peace studies. All lectures, past and future, aim to heighten faculty and student awareness of peace studies as an academic field of inquiry and its significance and relevance as an approach to engaging the most challenging problems of our age. Visit the Center's Event page for more details on the Peace Studies lecture series.

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Peace Studies at ASU Events Conferences


  • NOV 2019: Peace with the Other
  • FEB 2018: Imagining Peace in Conflict
  • MAR 2017: Migration, Refugees and Religious Perspectives
  • APR 2015People's Peace: Culture, Agency, Lived Experience
  • APR 2014Contesting Visions of Peace
  • APR 2011Living Conflicts in India, Pakistan, and Palestine: Religion, Secularism and the Search for Peace
  • MAR 2011: Women, Islam and Peacebuilding
  • APR 2008What Do We Mean When We Say We Want Peace?

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