• Give students invaluable experience

    With a Center scholarship, geography and political science major Margaret Tucker traveled to Azerbaijan to work with experts on cartography, cultural geography, and longstanding religious and ethnic disputes

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  • Launch new initiatives

    With donor support, the Center established the Hardt-Nickachos Chair in Peace Studies, bringing Yasmin Saikia to ASU to create new courses, research, and networks to reimagine peace studies for the 21st century

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  • Catalyze new research

    Seed funding helped assistant research professor Anand Gopal document the human costs of the campaign against ISIS

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  • Bring inspiring speakers

    Public programs that address religion and conflict in the contemporary world

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Building knowledge, catalyzing new thinking, advancing understanding about the roots of conflict and the routes towards peace—these are the Center’s priorities.

In our world today, religion is a crucial factor, and the mission of the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict is to show how. Your support has been critical to helping us advance across three critical platforms—research initiatives, student programs, and public education—to uncover how religion converges with various factors to fuel conflict and violence—as well as justice and peace. Through cutting edge innovation and global research networks, the Center expands knowledge, deepens understanding, and promotes wiser, more effective responses to the challenges of our times.

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