Confronting Authoritarianism


Project Partners:

Center for the Study of Religion & Conflict

The Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict at Arizona State University advances multidisciplinary research and education on the religious dynamics of conflict and peace.

By fostering exchange and collaboration, the Center creates networks—local, national, and global—that expand knowledge, deepen understanding, and promote wiser, more effective responses to some of the world's most pressing challenges.

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Narrative Storytelling Initiative

The Narrative Storytelling Initiative is dedicated to expanding the population of knowledgeable narrators and enhancing the quality and scale of their public engagement.

This university-wide effort advocates for the power of narrative and the necessity of compelling writing in multiple forms. This includes coaching faculty and other leaders, developing original research-and-writing projects, building teams to advance knowledge, advising on compelling narratives and storytelling forms, and raising the level of public discourse. The intention is nothing less than cultivating and accelerating the people and projects that are transdisciplinary in scope, transformational in potential, and can produce maximum societal impact.

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The Melikian Center for Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies

The Melikian Center for Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies advances innovative use-inspired research and teaching on the languages, societies and geopolitics of greater Eurasia.  The Center’s core mission is to enhance contextual expertise and cultural awareness in the communities it serves, through partnerships across disciplinary, ideological and geographical borders.

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