Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

The Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict's undergraduate research fellows program provides a rich interdisciplinary atmosphere for student development. Undergraduate students from all majors and years of study are encouraged to apply.

Students accepted into the program:

  • Must have a 3.5 or higher GPA.
  • Work directly with a faculty member on research projects involving religion, conflict, and peace.
  • Take a special class with the Center's director.
  • Earn three credit hours.
  • Qualify for a $1,500 scholarship.
  • Meet with visiting scholars and attend special lectures.
  • Compete for research, travel, and conference funds.

Details and Process

Applications Open

Important Details

Research Placement
Students accepted into the program will be paired with a faculty mentor currently conducting research related to an aspect of religion and conflict during the fall semester. Projects span disciplines, types of conflict, and social, cultural, and political settings. Students will devote approximately five to seven hours per week to research assistance for their faculty mentor.  Research activities may involve archival or bibliographic research, subject interviewing, data collection and collation, copying, library or web searches, or other activities related to the mentor’s research project. 

Fellows Seminar
In addition to the research placement, students accepted as CSRC Undergraduate Research Fellows will be required to register for a special three-credit class in the fall semester (REL 494: Inquiry into Religion and Conflict).

  • The fellows seminar meets on Thursday afternoons from 3–5 p.m. to explore the dynamics of religion and conflict from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective.
  • The seminar allows students to read and discuss recent work on religion and conflict and meet with leading ASU and visiting faculty.
  • Regular writing assignments will be detailed in the course syllabus.
  • Please note that the course also counts toward the Center’s Certificate in Religion, Conflict and Peace

Scholarship Information
Students who complete the Fellows program will receive a scholarship of $1,500. Scholarships are distributed through the ASU Financial Aid Office, and may be applied directly to outstanding university bills or student loans.

Prepare to Apply

Be prepared to provide the following in the form:

  1. Answer the following questions, keeping in mind the selection committee will consider the quality of your writing and the clarity of your responses in determining your suitability for this program.
    • Question 1: In approximately 150-200 words, describe your interest in the study of religion and conflict and discuss relevant examples.
    • Question 2: In approximately 150-200 words, explain how participation in this program will contribute to your academic and/or professional career goals.
  2. PDF of your Transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable) showing grades from your most recently completed semester and cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. 

In addition to the form submission, an ASU faculty letter of recommendation must be emailed directly to Matt Correa.

  • Once you have completed the online application form, contact Matt for details about requesting a letter of recommendation.

Apply Now


For questions concerning the application process or requirements please email Matt Correa.

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Adelaide Randall

2023-2024 Fellow

Majors: Psychology; International Studies

"This fellows program has truly been one of the most valuable parts of my ASU experience. I have been greatly challenged, thoroughly supported, and ultimately better for it. I would highly recommend this fellowship!"

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Austin Morrow

2023-2024 Fellow

Major: Political Science

"The lessons and discussions centered around religion and conflict were not only some of the most interesting conversations, but also some of the most important throughout my time as an undergraduate student."

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Alden Carpenter

2023-2024 Fellow

Major: Business Data Analytics

"The Fellows program was an amazing way to diversify my coursework. The content was fascinating, and I enjoyed having discussions in such a small group."

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Jameel Subhan

2022-2023 Fellow

Major: Political Science

"During this fellowship, I was able to get hands-on guidance [that] shaped my beliefs on how religion interacts with the world and all the factors that are at play."

Support the Fellows Program

 Scholarship funds for the Center's Undergraduate Research Fellows are supported by donations from Friends of the Center. Please consider making a gift to support this important program.

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Meet the Fellows

"During this fellowship, I was able to get hands-on guidance [that] shaped my beliefs on how religion interacts with the world and all the factors that are at play."

— Jameel Subhan, 2022-2023 Fellow

2023-2024 Cohort


  • Dina Atassi | Political Science
  • Suzzanne Bigelow | English
  • Alden Carpenter | Business Data Analytics
  • Payton Henderson | Political Science
  • Simra Maheen | Psychology
  • Quinncy Morris | Political Science and Global Studies
  • Austin Morrow | Political Science
  • Rachel “Nnena” Okuagu | Political Science and Justice Studies
  • Corinn Olson | Psychology and Anthropology
  • Adelaide Randall | Psychology, International Studies
  • Lakshmi Sawhney | History, Political Science


2022-2023 Undergraduate Research Fellows sitting around board room style table, conversing with special guest Jamal Greene


  • Alyssa Bickle | Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Cassandra Coppo | Global Studies
  • Meredith Nicholls | Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Diana RoDee | Sustainability
  • Kate Salazar-Duran | Global Studies
  • Jameel Subhan | Political Science
  • Sydney Tran | Psychology; Family and Human Development
  • Catherine Waddington | Political Science
  • Katherine Anna Walsh | Global Management
  • Mackenzie Wright | Anthropology
  • Collin Frank | Global Studies; Russian
  • Grace Hough | Religious Studies, Politics, and Global Affairs
  • Brenna Kasprzyk | Management, Business Healthcare
  • Nancy Lam | Global Studies
  • Issabella Luna | Political Science
  • Payton Morlock | Global Studies
  • Fintan O'Halloran | Anthropology
  • Ethan Pelland | Business Data Analytics and Global Politics
  • Samuel Pritchett | Political Science
  • Jacob Salas | Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership
  • Madeleine Zheng | Biochemistry; Chinese Language

Watch and learn

What does it mean to be human? What are the sources of conflict in our contemporary world? Learn more about the Fellow's program from students who have participated in the cohort.