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The Friends of the Center Undergraduate and Graduate Awards are designed to deepen student’s practical knowledge and understanding about religion, conflict and peacebuilding. Activities that can be funded through this program range from participation in reputable, internationally-oriented training programs in religion, conflict and peacebuilding to research activities that advance understanding of the intersections of religion and conflict. Award funds may be used to cover the costs of participation in programs, including tuition and airfare, or to underwrite the cost of research for an honor’s or master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, or related research project, including travel, summer support, or archival research.  For program ideas see the sample list.

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2018 Winners

2018 Winners, CSRC Friends of the Center AwardsL to R: John Carlson, Interim Director of the Center, and 2018 winners BrieAnna Frank, Terry Shoemaker, and Haroon Atcha (Leila Asadi not pictured)


Leila Asadi
, PhD - Justice Studies
Project: Dwelling in Possibility: Living as Syrian Refugee Women in the United States

Haroon Atcha, PhD - Political Science
Title of project: Religious Rhetoric and Nationalist Violence in Myanmar

Terry Shoemaker, PhD - Religious Studies
Project: Dwelling in Possibility: Living as Syrian Refugee Women in the United States

BrieAnna Frank, Journalism & Political Science
Project: Christian Allegiances to Israel in the US and Abroad


Kyla Pasha
, Ph.D. student in Religious Studies
Project: Fleeting Utopias: Creating Ritual and Community Space from Queer Muslim Longings

Nathan Tarr, Ph.D. student in Political Science
Project: Repressing Faith: Repression, Religion, and Variations in Violence

Tiffany Trent, Ph.D. student in Theatre
Project: Radical Welcome in Youth Performing Arts Spaces on Chicago’s South Side

Alana Vehaba, Ph.D. student in Justice and Social Inquiry
Project: Harnessed Flames: Analyzing Self-immolation in Tibet and its Impact in Exile

Margaret Tucker, Geography and Political Science
Project: Critical Cartography and Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus


Michael Bluhm, Ph.D. Student in Journalism and Mass Communication
Project: Tunisia and the Arab Spring: Religion and the Role of Social Media

James Edmonds, Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies
Project: Performing Authoritative Ambiguity: Contemporary Indonesian Islamic Actualities

Terry Shoemaker, Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies
Project: Emerging in the South: The Emerging Church Movement within the Bible Belt Region

Roopa Singh, Ph.D. Student in Justice Studies
Project: Who Gets to Heal: Mapping Religionization and Propertization in Yoga

Mahshid Zandi, Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies
Project: Tehran’s Holy Defense Museum: Mediating Religion, Politics, and Collective Memory

Viviane Linos, Masters Student in Women and Gender Studies
Project: Constructions of Kinship and Female Empowerment: Orthodox Christianity and Domestic Violence in Greece

Catie Carson, Psychology and Barrett, the Honors College
Project: Peacebuilding through Cultural Exchange and Service in Tajikistan

Connor Murphy, Journalism, Political Science, and Barrett, the Honors College
Project: Journalism, Freedom of Speech, and Violence in Pakistani Media

Ryan Schneidewind, Political Science
Project: Turkey’s Refugee Crisis

Jennifer Swicegood, Psychology
Project: Religion and Domestic Violence in Suva, Fiji

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