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The Friends of the Center research awards provide up to $2,500 for travel or research support related to the dynamics of religion and conflict or its resolution. These awards are made possible through the generous support of the Friends of the Center, a group of private individuals committed to advancing the research and education mission of the Center. Both undergraduate and graduate students from all fields of study are invited to apply for these awards. Award funds may be used to cover the costs of participation in programs, including tuition and airfare, or to underwrite the cost of research (including travel, summer support, or archival research). Activities that can be funded through this program range from:

(A) research support for an honor’s thesis, master’s thesis, or doctoral dissertation; to
(B) participation in reputable, internationally-oriented training programs in religion, conflict, and peacebuilding (PDF icon see a list of examples for program ideas): to 
(C) research activities that advance understanding of the intersections of religion and conflict.

Details and Application Form:

Undergraduate and Graduate students from all majors and years of study are encouraged to apply:

>> Applications for 2022 are now open
>> Due date: April 22, 2022
>> Student Awards - PDF icon Descriptions and Eligibility 
>> Student Awards - Microsoft Office document icon Application Form 


Matt Correa
Email with any questions


Blayne Harcey
, Phd - Religious Studies
Project: “Locating Lumbinī: Transnational Buddhism and the Construction of World Heritage in Nepal”

Chirasee Mukherjee, Phd - International Relations
Project: “How Diverse is Religion’s Influence on Conflict Intractability”

Wen Wendt, Political Science
Project: War & Peace Workshop Series: Critical Deliberations on Peacebuilding, Memory, and Narrative (Oxford/Belfast)


Eric Breault, Phd - Religious Studies
Project: “An Icon Of Death: Material Culture And La Santa Muerte”

Taylor R. Genovese, Phd - Human And Social Dimensions Of Science And Technology, SFIS
Project: “Dark Cosmism: An Ethnographic Genealogy Of Russo-Soviet & American Techno-Utopianism”

Mario Orospe Hernández, Phd - Religious Studies
Project: “Capitalism As Religion: On The Spiritual Life Of A Commodity Across Secular Bordering”

Pablo Alberto Ortega Poveda, Phd - Political Science
Project: “(Un)Usual Suspects: Explaining Violence Against Leaders And Members Of Religion-Based Organizations In Non-Religion Civil Conflicts”

Saiarchana Darira, Social And Cultural Analysis; Global Management; Psychology
Project: 2020 Oxpeace Conference

Jaxon Washburn, Religious Studies; History
Project: Internship At The Joseph Smith Papers Project


Peyman Asadzadehmamaghani, Ph.D. student in Politics and Global Studies
Project: Patterns of Participation in Insurgency: Religious versus Leftist Groups

Brett Goldberg, Ph.D. student in Justice Studies
Project: Building Community in a World on Fire: Transformational Justice Responses to Challenge Rape Culture in the US

Jihye Jung, Ph.D. student in Political Science
Project: Korean Protestant Church Overseas Missions and Religious Conflicts in Muslim Countries

Ayesha Ashan, Economics, Sociology
Project: 2019 American Institute on Political and Economic Systems (Prague, Czech Republic)

Jeena James, Biological Sciences
Project: The Refugee Crisis in the U.S. and Italy

Katherine Panopoulos, Political Science
Project: Philosophical Underpinnings of Peacebuilding Mechanisms

Irene Rubio, Journalism and Mass Communications
Project: 2019 University of Chicago Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program

Madeline Stull, History
Project: Memories of Guilt and the Conception of Peace in the Former Yugoslavia


Leila Asadi, PhD - Justice Studies
Project: Dwelling in Possibility: Living as Syrian Refugee Women in the United States

Haroon Atcha, PhD - Political Science
Title of project: Religious Rhetoric and Nationalist Violence in Myanmar

Terry Shoemaker, PhD - Religious Studies
Project: Dwelling in Possibility: Living as Syrian Refugee Women in the United States

BrieAnna Frank, Journalism & Political Science
Project: Christian Allegiances to Israel in the US and Abroad


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Kyla PashaPh.D. student in Religious Studies
Project: Fleeting Utopias: Creating Ritual and Community Space from Queer Muslim Longings

Nathan Tarr, Ph.D. student in Political Science
Project: Repressing Faith: Repression, Religion, and Variations in Violence

Tiffany Trent, Ph.D. student in Theatre
Project: Radical Welcome in Youth Performing Arts Spaces on Chicago’s South Side

Alana Vehaba, Ph.D. student in Justice and Social Inquiry
Project: Harnessed Flames: Analyzing Self-immolation in Tibet and its Impact in Exile

Margaret Tucker, Geography and Political Science
Project: Critical Cartography and Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus


Michael Bluhm, Ph.D. Student in Journalism and Mass Communication
Project: Tunisia and the Arab Spring: Religion and the Role of Social Media

James Edmonds, Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies
Project: Performing Authoritative Ambiguity: Contemporary Indonesian Islamic Actualities

Terry Shoemaker, Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies
Project: Emerging in the South: The Emerging Church Movement within the Bible Belt Region

Roopa Singh, Ph.D. Student in Justice Studies
Project: Who Gets to Heal: Mapping Religionization and Propertization in Yoga

Mahshid Zandi, Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies
Project: Tehran’s Holy Defense Museum: Mediating Religion, Politics, and Collective Memory

Viviane Linos, Masters Student in Women and Gender Studies
Project: Constructions of Kinship and Female Empowerment: Orthodox Christianity and Domestic Violence in Greece

Catie Carson, Psychology and Barrett, the Honors College
Project: Peacebuilding through Cultural Exchange and Service in Tajikistan

Connor Murphy, Journalism, Political Science, and Barrett, the Honors College
Project: Journalism, Freedom of Speech, and Violence in Pakistani Media

Ryan Schneidewind, Political Science
Project: Turkey’s Refugee Crisis

Jennifer Swicegood, Psychology
Project: Religion and Domestic Violence in Suva, Fiji


Farina King, Ph.D. student in History
Project: The Journey of Diné Students in the Four Directions: Navajo Educational Experiences in the 20th Century

Justin Nadir, Ph.D. student in Religious Studies
Project: Constructions of Identity and Conflict among Hindu Minorities in Muslim Java, Indonesia

Ashley Brennan, Psychology
Project: Deepening Democracy, Cultivating Community, and Building Peace: Youth Participatory Budgeting in Romania

Brieanna Griffin, Global Studies and Anthropology
Project: American Perceptions of the Muslim World: Seeking Grassroots Solutions


Lucia Cash, Ph.D. student in Religious Studies
Project: The Role of Religious Leaders in Peace-Building and Reconciliation in Post-Dictatorship Uruguay

Emily Fritcke, English Literature and History
Project: Understanding Religious Conflict: An Investigation of the Tension between the Greek Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church of Romania

A.J. Simmons, Ph.D. student in School of Politics and Global Studies
Project: Civil War Duration and its Influences

Holly Williamson, Ph.D. student in School of Politics and Global Studies
Project: The Implications of Gender Asymmetries: Socialization, Religion, and Wartime Rape in Bosnia


JoonSik Hwang, Ph.D. student in Religious Studies
Project: The Urban Religiosity of Jaipur

Galen Lamphere-Englund, Global Studies
Project: Galway University Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy

Brittany Morris, Journalism
Project: Women’s education and participation in civic society in Kuwait City, Kuwait


Gabrielle Filip-Crawford, Ph.D. student in Psychology
Project: The Effects of Tolerence Messages on Religiously-Infused Conflict

Cheikh Amadou Bamba Seye, Master’s student in Religious Studies
Project: Peacebuilding and Anti-Violence in Mouridism

Brittany Morris, Journalism
Project: Women and the Veil in France under President Nicholas Sarkozy

Rachel Bishop, Global Studies
Project: Quaker’s Alternatives to Violence


Danielle Back
Project: Interfaith Peacebuilders Program

Scott Ross
Project: Education and Global Studies major who travelled to Lira, Uganda on a four-month research trip


Bennett Furlow, Ph.D. student in Religious Studies

Project: Religion and Politics in Somalia: The Islamic Union Court

Semiha Topal, Ph.D. student in Religious Studies
Project: Pious yet Modern Subjects: Turkish Muslim Women in the Public Sphere

Nastja Cijic, Political Science, Global Studies
Project: South African Human Rights and Peacebuilding Program

Leticia Martinez, Justice Studies
Project: South Africa Community Fund—Programs in Peacebuilding


Blake Jones, Ph.D. student in History 
Project: Secular and Religious Influences in Jimmy Carter’s thoughts on Peace, Human Rights and the Global Community

Iona Mateson, Ph.D. student in Political Science
Project: The Participation of Hamas in a National Unity Government

Whitney Meshay, Barrett Honors College, Political Science, German, Religious Studies
Project: South Africa Community Fund—Programs in Peacebuilding


Blake Smith, Masters student in Art Education
Project: South Africa Community Fund—Programs in Peacebuilding

Sandra Afloeri, Journalism
Project: South Africa Community Fund—Programs in Peacebuilding


Alex Ginsburg, Barrett Honors College, Religious Studies
Project: Rabbis for Human Rights, Israel

Elizabeth Fritze, Barrett Honors College, English Literature
Project: South Africa Community Fund—Programs in Peacebuilding

*formerly known as the Hardt Scholarships/Fellowships in Religion, Conflict and Peace Studies