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Projects: Refugees and Migration

Refugees and Migration

Refugees and Migration is an ongoing project that explores humanistic approaches to diverse political, religious, economic, and social processes involved in the making and managing of refugees (and various forms of the “other”), for developing a new approach to the study and practice of peace. Our current moment carries a sense of urgency as the circles of exclusion from peace are expanding: divisive political trends triumph the logic of discrimination against religious, racial, gender, and other minorities; asymmetrical war and violence are creating ever increasing numbers of refugees and displaced communities; and the natural environment is under attack, portending massive climate changes that can no longer be ignored or wished away. These are all massive issues threatening almost all segments of human life in the twenty first century. Comprehensive interdisciplinary and holistic methods are needed to widen the lens of exploration and suggest new ways for creating an inclusive approach to peace.

The Refugees and Migration project, led by Yasmin Saikia, the Hardt-Nickachos Chair in Peace Studies at ASU, includes public events, workshops, conferences, seed funding to research projects by affiliated faculty, publications, and new and innovative research projects being undertaken across the globe.


Peace Studies Refugee Research

Project Directors

  • Yasmin Saikia, Hardt-Nickachos Chair in Peace Studies, Professor of History
  • Chad Haines, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Projects Awarded Seed Funding

  • Sujey Vega and Christiane Reves, "Faith-Based Responses to Migrants and Refugees in Comparative Urban Spaces: Religious Aid and Gender Dependence in Phoenix, AZ and Berlin, Germany"

  • Chad Haines, “Strangers in Our Midst: Muslim Refugees, Precarity, and Urbanism in South Asia”

  • Douglas Kelley, "Neighbors Table: Latino Immigrant Family Narratives, Dialogue, and Integration with the Evangelical Church"

  • Lenka Bustikova, "Religion or Ethnicity? Public Attitudes Towards Refugees in Hungary and the Czech Republic"

Project Collaborators

  • PLuS Alliance
  • Satvinder Juss, Kings College London
  • Claudia Tazreiter, University of New South Wales