Conversations on Religion, Ethics, and Science (CORES)


Campus partners:

Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science

BEYOND is a pioneering center devoted to confronting the really big questions of science and philosophy. Our research projects address such issues, and range from cosmology, through astrobiology to the ultimate fate of humanity. We tackle subjects as diverse as time travel, the colonization of Mars, multiple universes, the nature of complexity and the relationship between mathematics and nature.

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Center for the Study of Economic Liberty

Dedicated to evaluating the contribution of economic liberty to human betterment, the Center seeks to become an international leader in research that effects liberty-enhancing public policy and increases public and academic awareness of the history and philosophy of economic liberty.

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Center for Jewish Studies

Representing a modern approach to interdisciplinary Jewish studies, the Center serves as an intellectual resource for all aspects of the Jewish experience, from philosophical and political viewpoints to the study of Judaism. Through research, teaching, and public engagement, the Center fosters critical inquiry and scholarly entrepreneurship, disseminates information about Jewish culture, and enhances the quality of Jewish life locally and around the world.

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Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict

Religion wields extraordinary influence in public life. A rich reservoir of values, principles, and ideals, religion can also be a powerful source of conflict and violence as diverse traditions—religious and secular—collide. With a mission to promote interdisciplinary research and education on the dynamics of religion and conflict with the aim of advancing knowledge, seeking solutions and informing policy, the Center fosters exchange and collaboration across the university as well as with its broader publics—local, national, and global.

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School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership is a new type of school, one that challenges its students to study classic works and prepares them to become a leader ready to take on 21st-century issues. Established in 2017, the school combines a classical liberal arts curriculum with intensive learning experiences that include study abroad programs, professional internships, and leadership opportunities. Students graduate ready for careers in government, law, business and civil society.

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