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Progress and the Figure of the Human: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry into the Human Sciences

March 3, 2022

The humanities and the social sciences have undergone profound transformation in the past half century due to profound historical, sociological, technoscientific, and philosophical changes. The time is ripe for reexamining the figure of "the human" in contemporary human/social sciences and ponder its function and meaning. Taking the figure of "the human" as object of study, the workshop examines what that figure means in relation to the concepts of "change" and "progress." The workshop will ask: What are the vectors that have shaped how the human/social sciences configure "the human?" How has the figure of "the human" relate to the collective category of "humanity," on the one hand, and to the notion of "self" or "person," on the other hand? What is at stake—empirically, analytically, and normatively—in the theoretical and methodological adoption of specific figures of "human," "self," and "person" and their relations? How are ways of imagining "the human" bound up with assumptions about, and critique of, notion of "progress"? The goal of the workshop is to identify and generate a new framework for the humanities and the social sciences in the 21st century.

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Enlightenment Beyond Secularization
To be announced, 2022



Organized around the question What is progress, and how do we know? this international conference will draw upon the project’s insights about the ways knowledge and ideas of progress are mutually configured to consider: how must the project of enlightenment, long associated with an imperative of secularization, be re-imagined in this post-secular moment; and, in light of a deepened understanding of the relations among religion, science and technology in contemporary public life, what is required to move beyond the imaginary that has disciplined and configured imaginations of those relations?




Disenchantments Enchantments: A Century of Science as a Vocation
November 16-17, 2017

Beyond Secularization

Download a full copy of the workshop booklet below