Beyond Secularization:

Religion, Science and Technology in Public Life


Provocations: Challenging Boundaries

Challenging Boundaries:

Coronavirus, Cults and Contagion in
South Korea

In Somatosphere 
MARCH 2020

Perceived tensions between religious and public health prescriptions regarding
physical practices bring to light the indeterminacy of corporeal boundaries, our
sense of self, and our relations with others. When we are “in touch,” when we commune, what is being shared? How is it being shared? 

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How Religious Communities are Celebrating Services Virtually

Interviewed for KJZZ public radio
MARCH 2020

So much of religion is about community and often it’s about physically being together. As religion moves online, what’s lost, and what’s, perhaps unexpectedly gained?

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eRosary and Pope’s Instagram:
How Religion and Technology Mix

Interviewed on KJZZ public radio 
OCT 2019 

As religious communities around the world incorporate technologies into their services and practices, how are technologies and religion transformed, and what does that mean for the role of religion in the modern world? 

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What Engineers and Shamans Have In Common

Op-ed in IEEE Spectrum  
AUG 2019

As engineers build technologies that destabilize traditional ways of life and values, what role do visionary possibilities, ethical responsibilities, and ministerial practices play in the work of today's designers? 

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