Ansari Travel Scholarship in Religion and International Affairs

About the Scholarship

Since at least the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, religion has become a crucial feature of global affairs. Whether used by groups as a language of resistance to what they see as injustice, or by governments to oppress citizens, the role of religion in international and domestic political life is complex and highly sensitive to specific contexts and cultures. The Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict’s student research awards are grounded in the conviction that students experience exponential learning and growth when they can travel and learn firsthand about other cultures and societies. Critical to our vision is preparing the next generation of citizens and leaders to think more deeply and clearly about how religion influences and shapes world affairs.

Scholarship Details and Application

One $3,000 award per year | open to undergraduate students only

The Ansari Travel Scholarship in Religion and International Affairs will provide $3,000 in financial support for one undergraduate student each year to travel to carry out research, attend specialized training programs, or participate in an internship related to the study of religion in international affairs.

Eligibility and process
To be eligible for the Ansari Scholarship, the student must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student, demonstrate financial need as defined by the university, and have a 3.0 or higher cumulative average GPA (non-weighted). Students will be selected based upon the strength of their proposed project (a research project, training program, or internship) and its ability to contribute to their overall program of study and career development. The scholarship may be renewed, but students must re-apply each year. The program will be open to students from any major. Scholarship recipients will present their research findings or program/internship experiences at a Center event upon their return and will become ambassadors of the Center in their future endeavors.


Undergraduate students from all majors and years of study are encouraged to apply.


Scholarship Recipients

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2023 Recipient

Adelaide Randall

International Studies

Attended the International Association for the Psychology of Religion Groningen, Netherlands, August 21-25, 2023.

"I am grateful for the knowledge that there are people in this world with the same unyielding curiosity and intention to understand this world, to make it a better place for us all."

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2022 Recipient

Rachel Hess

Political Science

Attended The Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics War and Peace Series: Critical Deliberations on Peacebuilding, Memory, and Narrative. Oxford, August 15-20, 2022

"The workshop was designed to explore topics in global ethics and human rights and to establish skills in peacebuilding endeavors, strategic moral diplomacy, and trauma-informed narrative training for intensive fieldwork in conflict areas."

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2021 Recipient

Wen Wendt

Political Science

Attended The Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics War and Peace Series: Critical Deliberations on Peacebuilding, Memory, and Narrative.

"My notebook is filled with questions, stories, and personal asides that I plan to continue revisiting and using as a jumping-off point for, hopefully, a long career in policy-centered research."