Religion and Conflict in Asia: Disrupting Violence

The conference presenters, a prominent group of Asia specialists from the fields of anthropology, political science, history, religious studies, and sociology, will examine the dynamics and implications of religious conflict using illustrative case studies. The conference will open with a discussion of conflict in South and Southeast Asia in the context of the global rise of religious violence. Presenters in the first panel will focus on the causes and justifications for religious violence in these regions, considering historical, socio-political, and theological dimensions. In the second panel, the speakers will explore the international and transnational settings for religious violence. Participants in the final panel will discuss the prevention and resolution of religious violence in South and Southeast Asia, addressing strategies and policy implications. Our objective is to encourage a better understanding of the forces that are driving the politicization of religion and contributing to religious violence in this region in the hopes of developing more effective responses to it.

Mark Juergensmeyer The Global Rise of Religious Violence: The Case of South and Southeast Asia
Robert W. Hefner "Religion And Violence In Muslim Southeast Asia"
Juliane S. Schober "Buddhism, Violence and the State in Burma (Myanmar) and Sri Lanka"
Sumit Ganguly "Explaining Ungodly Behavior: The Roots of Religious Violence in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: Part I"
K.S. Nathan "Globalization, Religious Militancy and Terrorism in Southeast Asia: An Overview of the Causes and Implications"
K. Kesavapany "Luncheon Keynote Address"
Alyssa Ayres "Explaining Ungodly Behavior: The Roots of Religious Violence in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Part II"
Mark R. Woodward "Religious Conflict and the Globalization of Knowledge in Indonesian History"
Kumar Ramakrishna "The (Psychic) Roots of Religious Violence in South and Southeast Asia"
Maya Chadda "Debating Strategies for Disrupting Violence: Lessons From South Asia"
Joseph Chinyong Liow "Violence and the Long Road to Reconciliation in Southern Thailand"
See Seng Tan "Lévinas and the Question of Civilizational Amity After September 11"