undergraduate fellows

The Program

As part of the Center's mission to serve as a research hub that fosters exchange and collaboration across the university, the undergraduate research fellows program focuses on providing a rich interdisciplinary atmosphere for student development.

Students accepted into the program work directly with a faculty member on current research projects involving religion and conflict and take a special class with the Center's director. Fellows also have an opportunity to meet with visiting scholars, attend special lectures, compete for research, travel and conference funds, and qualify for three credit hours and a scholarship of $1000.

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certificate program


Religion has played a crucial role in various forms of human conflict — historically and in our own times. The nature of that role, however, varies significantly, as religion provides contexts for division and war as well as for unity and peace. The Center's Undergraduate Certificate in Religion and Conflict provides students a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the dynamics of religion, conflict, and peace by exploring questions such as these:

  • What are the religious and non-religious causes of conflict or factors that contribute to it?
  • What do we mean by the term “religious violence”?
  • What secular and religious resources exist for resolving different kinds of conflict?

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