Sun Devil Giving Day Success

Sun Devil Giving Day is Arizona State University's annual, university-wide day of giving. Thanks to the generous participation and support of a wide variety of donors, Sun Devil Giving Day has also proven to be a positive force for connecting the community to ASU programs and activities. This year, the university was able to raise over $3 million dollars from an impressive 3,125 gifts.

This past Spring, Sun Devil Giving Day was held on March 17, 2017. Across the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, over $79,000 was raised as a result of the generous contributions of 562 donors. Contributions came from all facets of the ASU family, including current students, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the community.

The Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict was given a challenge this past Sun Devil Giving Day: increase the number of donors by at least 25% over the previous year. Not only did the center meet that goal, we exceeded it, engaging 62.5% more donors than in 2016. The accomplishment paid off—quite literally—as it qualified us to receive an additional grant from the college's Dean’s Investment Fund.

We thank all those whose contributions enable us to advance our work. When you make a gift to the Center, you are empowering students to travel overseas to learn about the world's diversity, connecting the community to global dialogue about pluralism and faith, and linking researchers across the world in pursuit of solutions that promote peace between people and religions.

In a world saturated in conflict, we thank you for your investment in the center's mission and in the advancement of peace. Together our potential is limitless.

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