Student Accomplishments Celebrated at Awards Luncheon

Each year faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and community members gather together to celebrate the accomplishments of students affiliated with the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict at its Student Awards Luncheon. The event is a celebration of student achievement across three program areas: the Undergraduate Research Fellows program, the Undergraduate Certificate in Religion and Conflict, and undergraduate and graduate winners of the Friends of the Center Research Award.

The Student Awards Lunch also reflects a core value at the heart of the center's mission: a commitment to cultivating interdisciplinary exposure to the topics of religion, conflict, and peacebuilding as a way to stimulate and apply creative thinking to this complex area of study.

This year our student programs engaged students from over a dozen different majors, ranging from history and political science to biomedical engineering and speech and hearing science.

 The awards program celebrates the diversity of student backgrounds, and the richer, more complex dialogue that creates. Each student approaches the program themes through their own experiences and majors, allowing them to learn from one another in an environment that develops critical thought through collaboration.

Join us in celebrating the class of 2017!


Undergraduate Research Fellows

When students enter the Undergraduate Research Fellows Program, they are paired with a faculty member to work directly on current research projects involving religion and conflict. Fellows also meet with visiting scholars, attend special lectures and take a special class with the center's director. The program allows students to experience a rich interdisciplinary atmosphere as they develop skills in communication and critical thought.

The students who completed the 2016-2017 fellows program are:

-Gavi Berk, Political Science and Economics
-Odessa Clugston, Justice Studies and Economics
-Owen Fite, Business (Global Politics)
-Mitch Gibson, Psychology and Religious Studies
-Natalie Hochhaus, Global Studies
-Chris Jordan, Business (Global Politics)
-Patricia Mabry, History and Religious Studies
-Sami Omais, Political Science and History
-Dominique Reichenbach, Global Studies
-Cooper Schwartz, Global Studies
-Sierra Winans, Political Science

Undergraduate Research Fellows Class of 2016-2017
(L to R: Owen Fite, Sierra Winans, Mitch Gibson, Gavi Berk, Chris Jordan, Dominique Reichenbach, Linell Cady, and Odessa Clugston)


Undergraduate Certificate in Religion and Conflict

The center’s Undergraduate Certificate in Religion and Conflict is open to any student from any major enrolled at Arizona State University. Students earning the certificate are often pursuing careers in journalism, law, policy work, diplomacy, the military, public advocacy, publishing, education, ministry or other fields in which an enhanced understanding of religion and conflict is crucial.

The students who earned a certificate in 2016-2017 are:

-Ashley D'Attilio, Mass Communications
-Parker Baty, History
-Teya Cuellar, Biochemistry
-Ali Feder, Political Science
-John Luebke, History and Political Science
-Victoria McDonald, Global Studies
-Seth Myers, Political Science
-Paige Price, Speech and Hearing Science
-Jonathan Wasserman, Computer Science

2017 Certificate in Religion and Conflict recipients 
(L to R: Seth Myers, Victoria McDonald, Jonathan Wasserman, Ali Feder, & John Carlson)


Friends of the Center Research Awards

 The awards program also recognized winners of the 2017 Friends of the Center Research Awards. The Friends of the Center Awards, which are funded through the generous contributions of private donors, provide undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships aimed at deepening student’s practical knowledge and understanding about religion, conflict and peacebuilding. Activities that can be funded through this program range from participation in internationally-oriented peacebuilding programs to research activities that advance understanding of the intersections of religion and conflict.

The students selected for the 2017 Friends of the Center Research Awards are:

-Margaret Tucker, Geography and Political Science
ProjectCritical Cartography and Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus

-Kyla Pasha, doctoral student in religious studies
ProjectFleeting Utopias: Creating Ritual and Community Space from Queer Muslim Longings

-Nathan Tarr, doctoral student in political science
ProjectRepressing Faith: Repression, Religion, and Variations in Violence

-Tiffany Trent, doctoral student in theatre
ProjectSpaces Speak: Radical Welcome in Youth Performing Arts Spaces on Chicago's South Side

-Alana Vehaba, doctoral student in justice studies
ProjectHarnessed Flames: Analyzing Self-immolation in Tibet and its Impact in Exile 

Friends of the Center Award winners 
(L to R: Advisor Carolyn Warner, Nathan Tarr, Advisor Shahla Talebi, Kyla Pasha, Margaret Tucker, and Linell Cady)


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