ASU professor, guest speaker featured on Al Jazeera debate

Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State University physics professor and creator of ASU's Origins Project, was recently featured on the Al Jazeera news network as part of their Upfront episode, “Is religion to blame for violence?”

The program, hosted by Mehdi Hasan, also featured author Karen Armstrong as well as Harvard University’s humanist chaplain Greg Epstein. Armstrong spoke at ASU last October at the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict to discuss her most recent book, “Fields of Blood: The Religion and History of Violence.” Her lecture was part of the center’s speaker series "Alternative Visions: Religion and Conflict.”

Armstrong was first to speak on the program via satellite after Hasan asked for a response to the sentiment that religion has been behind many of the wars and violent conflicts of past and present.

“We never go to war for a single reason,” Armstrong said. “Military historians tell us there are always multiple factors involved.”

Following the Q&A with Hassan, the show turned to a 20-minute debate between Epstein and Krauss.